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Desert Tree Spraying is a tree & plant healthcare company that specializes in diagnoses and treatments for tree and plant health issues. We provide the Coachella Valley with horticultural tree and plant services for residential, commercial and agricultural applications. Call today!

We are committed to providing high quality, proactive tree and plant healthcare services for the Coachella Valley’s diverse landscape needs. With the extreme hot and cold climates, our tree and plant healthcare programs encourage microbial activity, improve root system health to facilitate nutrient uptake, help manage insect pest and disease year round. Our attention to detail and customer service is unrivaled. Let us protect and beautify your landscape investment today. Tree Spraying Indian Wells residents can count on. Proudly providing desert tree, shrub & plant healthcare in Indian Wells and across the entire Coachella Valley.

Indian Wells Tree Spraying Services

We’ve got you covered! 20+ years of experience treating the desert city communities by rejuvenating and helping trees & plants flourish from one time treatments to our routine maintenance programs. We provide a wide range of horticulture management services tailored to your specific goals and needs. We are a fully licensed and insured company providing the highest quality care keeping your safety and satisfaction our top priority.

Residential service

Residential Services

Most trees and plants are not native to the desert environment, some do well, others need soil conditioning, fertilization, and nutritional elements to boost and enhance their appeal.  The health of trees and plants is directly related to the soil conditions in which they grow in.  Injecting soil amendments, healthy bacteria, and nutrient blends into the root zone far out way  the typical surface fertilization which takes more time and water to push the nutrients through the soil to the roots.


Commercial Services

Servicing the business communities large or small, you can count on us to get the project done.  Our dependable and professional team brings the highest standards to the work place because we know that by hiring us is a direct reflection of your business.

Agricultural Services

For the customer that needs certified or special permits transporting nursery stock out of the county, the states, or into other countries, you can rely on us to meet the specifications required for the job.  We are registered and licensed to assist with your needs.


Tree Treatments

Keeping trees healthy enhances property values, beautifies the surroundings, and keeps property owners happy.  Good cultural practices is essential for good tree and fruit health.  Fertilizing the yard is not the same as fertilizing the trees.  Effective micro & macro nutrients, high quality fertilizers in combination with beneficial microbes is a remedy for optimal tree health and well being.

Tree Spraying Indian Wells


Combating surface and boring insects, to diseases and fungal issues, these are problems that most of the time can be avoided.  Malnutrition and environmental stress are contributing factors for attracting these unwanted pests.  Proactive, preventive measures is always better than waiting until it’s too late.


Treating developed and undeveloped job sites.  Specializing in residential, commercial, small and large acreage settings.  Pre & post emergent treatments, core aeration, over seeding, top dressing, fertilization, soil conditioning, weed abatement.

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