Landscape Trees and Plants Treatments for Local Municipalities in Coachella Valley

Landscaping is an essential part of every home and commercial property. It provides beauty, privacy, and security. However, landscaping also requires maintenance.

There are several ways to keep your landscape looking beautiful throughout the year. One way is to use plants and trees. These plants and trees provide shade, add color, and offer other benefits.

This article will discuss different types of drought-tolerant plants and trees that are suitable for local municipalities in the Coachella Valley.

Types Of Landscape Trees And Plants For Your Home Or Business In The Coachella Valley

The following list includes some of the most popular tree species used by homeowners and businesses in the Coachella Valley:

1) Citrus 

Citrus trees can be grown as a single specimen or planted en masse. They have many uses including providing fruit, flowers, and ornamental value. Some citrus varieties include lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, pomelos, kumquats, and more.

2) Palm

Palms come in various sizes and shapes. There are two main categories of palms; fan palm and fronds palm. Fan palms grow tall with long leaves while frond palms tend to be shorter with smaller leaves. Palms can be found growing wild all over California but they’re especially common along with coastal areas like San Diego County.

3) Mesquite 

Mesquite trees are native to Mexico and Central America. They thrive in dry climates where there is little rainfall. This makes them ideal for desert landscapes. Their thick bark helps protect against harsh weather conditions.

4) Olive

Olive trees produce large fruits which contain oil. While olives aren’t edible, their oils are commonly used in cooking. Olives are often seen on Mediterranean-style homes because they look great when paired with red tile roofs.

5) Palo Verde

Palo Verdes are drought tolerant shrubs that require minimal water during the summer months. They’re known for producing bright green foliage and small white blooms. Palo Verdes make excellent hedges due to their compact growth habit.

6) Pine

While pine trees don’t typically grow well in warm regions, they do perform very well in cooler environments such as those found in Northern California. Pines are usually evergreen so they remain green even through winter.

7) Agaves

Agave plants are succulents that belong to the cactus family. They are drought-tolerant and native plants of the desert city. They’re easy to care for and maintain. Most agaves prefer full sun exposure and regular watering.

Keeping Desert Plant Materials and Trees Healthy

The basics of plant care tell us that trees and plants need proper nutrition to stay healthy. If you want to ensure that your plant receives this nourishment, it’s important to know how much fertilizer should be applied each time. Too much fertilization could cause problems down the road.

Fertilizer application rates vary depending on what type of soil you have at your location. You may find yourself needing to apply less than recommended amounts if you live near a lake or river. On average, however, one pound per square foot is enough to feed any kind of vegetation.

If you plan to buy new plants from nurseries, ask about recommendations regarding fertilizing requirements. Many nurseries sell pre-grown plants that already receive adequate nutrients.

You might consider adding organic matter to your yard before planting. Organic mulch acts as a natural fertilizer and improves drainage around your plants. Mulching also prevents weeds from taking root.

When applying fertilizer, avoid using too much. Overfertilized lawns become brown and brittle. In addition, excess nitrogen causes algae buildup. Algae create unsightly stains and reduce oxygen levels within the air.

Plants and trees play an integral role in creating a welcoming environment for people living in urban settings. Landscapes made up of these elements create a sense of calmness and serenity.

They help reduce stress by providing a place to relax after work hours. When combined with appropriate lighting, plants and trees can enhance outdoor spaces.

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